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Far East - West Africa

NileDutch quickly recognized that trade from Asia to Africa would become very important. So before we set up the current direct service, we implemented a relay service via hub ports in Europe and South Africa. This has provided us with a solid market reputation, a good customer base and a detailed knowledge of the market.

As a result of this preparation, we found it fairly straightforward to start an independent service to Congo, DRC, Angola and South Africa. And today we are proud to be one of the main carriers on this route.

One of the unique features of our service is our direct calls in Tianjin and Qingdao (North China). This is in addition to Shanghai, Ningbo, Nansha and Shekou in China and inland connections from locations as diverse as Yiwu, Nanjing, Guanhzou and Chongquing.

Singapore serves as our hub port for South East Asia, India and the Middle East, for both east- and westbound cargo.