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Europe - West Africa

The Europe to West Africa trade was our first route. Over the past few years we have developed this route further, resulting in a regular service from Benelux (Antwerp), France ( Le Havre) and Portugal (Lisbon, Leixoes) that offers a large portfolio of destinations in West Africa and an ever-increasing coverage of ports and origins in Europe.  At the same time in reverse, we grow further with northbound cargo out of (West) Africa.

This service connects Europe with Abidjan, Pointe Noire, Luanda & Lobito. Remaining destinations are done with our extensive, exclusive West Africa feeder network.

NileDutch understands that importers want to have a wide choice of places to source their goods from. Therefore we anticipate and expand our intra Europe pre-carriage arrangements and make equipment available in many places. From where we can provide our full range of containers types and sizes, including reefers, open tops and flat racks.

We also realize that some goods cannot be containerized. With our break-bulk history and experience, we happily carry project and out of gauge cargo on a regular basis.