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Hub change

Cargo for Matadi and Boma will be transhipped at Luanda (instead of Pointe Noire). To ensure more reliable transit times, NileDutch has decided to move the Matadi and Boma transshipment operations from Pointe Noire to Luanda. Luanda is already successfully used for transhipment for Lobito, Namibe, Cabinda and Soyo.

The first connections to use transshipment at Luanda are:

WEWA : ND Durban 11049A   ETA Luanda  06-04
ECSA : City of Shanghai 60203A   ETA Luanda  13-04
FEWA : ND Beijing 30199A ETA Luanda 26-04

The first connecting vessels are:

Limassol ETA Luanda 08/04 ETA Matadi 11/04  
MCP Pachna  ETA Luanda 15/04  ETA Boma 18/04 ETA Matadi 20/04
Limassol ETA Luanda 22/04 ETA Matadi 25/04  
MCP Pachna ETA Luanda 27/04  ETA Boma 30/04 ETA Matadi 02/05

Together with Soportos (the Luanda Terminal) we have been working very hard to get the service to the desired level. We have invested in hardware (cranes, spreaders), organization, staff and systems and can now offer an operational efficiency and reliability which is unprecedented in West Africa.

Transshipment operations for Douala, Bata, Malabo and Libreville will continue to be handled at Pointe Noire.

For any further information please contact the nearest NileDutch representative office.